About Us

Since founding our company thirty years ago, we have sought to bring to our customers gifts and decorative accessories that are unique, the best in their category, functional, and of good value. Based on the close relationships that we have established with a loyal customer base these past two decades, we believe that we have succeeded in that endeavor.

Skilled hand-painting has never been cheap, because good artists are difficult to find. But as our customers have told us, our prices are more than reasonable for the beauty of our products and the skill of our painting. We believe that it is no exaggeration to say that our products are of heirloom quality, and indeed, over the four decades that we have been in business, some of our products have become unavailable at any price. Thank you for your interest, and we sincerely hope that you will allow us to welcome you as a customer.

P.O. Box 77605
San Francisco, CA, 94117
Email:  hab-intl@pacbell.net
Phone:  415-225-3551

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